Fishing on the River Dee

Fishing Came First


Fishing on the River Dee

It’s from the other side of the bank we first saw Cilan Farm that we would fall in love with and develop into Rivercatcher. Before it started we fished this stretch for many years so we know how ideally situated for game fishing it is.

We have our own short stretch of river and we can organise permits for some of the most prolific and beautiful parts of the river. The grayling fishing is arguably as good as anything in the UK. Lyn Brenig is one of the best lake fisheries for trout. We can supply more detailed info on request.

We are enthusiastic anglers ourselves and can provide more info on specific points you may have and can put you in touch with experienced guides if necessary.

Rivercatcher is situated in the centre of the most beautiful and prolific part of the River Dee. The main species are wild brown trout, grayling, sea trout and a lesser number of salmon. We can arrange day or weekly tickets for various stretches of river are available for Llangollen and Maelor Angling and Bala and District anglers. In addition there are many smaller streams and lakes to explore.

Take a look at this short clip to see what the River Dee has to offer 


Angling Adventures Around Wales

North Wales is packed with beauty, adventure and great angling opportunities. Located on the River Dee, the heart of fishing in North Wales (the aquatic aorta, if you will), Rivercatcher is the perfect choice for those seeking a relaxed fishing getaway.

Wild brown and sea trout, grayling and salmon are all native to the River Dee and waiting, right within reach of your cottage or cabin. The grayling fishing is considered to be some of the best in the uk. There is even a grayling fishing competition organised by Groe Park & Irfon Angling Club. Rivercatcher is positioned on the inside of a bend along one of the most prolific parts of the river and whilst fishing is possible at any time of year, a break in the months of September and October will provide the perfect backdrop – crisp, quiet evenings, following the end of the busy school-holidays, with lower prices per night if you choose to stay mid-week. After all; what’s the only thing that could possibly improve a fishing adventure? An affordable one.

Tailoring Your Fishing at Rivercatcher


There are numerous fisheries and clubs accessible from Rivercatcher, including the Corwen and District Angling Club, Llangollen Maelor Angling and the Bala and District anglers. These are all situated along the Dee (which is noted as one of the purest rivers in Europe), as well as at many other waters around North Wales. The Tryweryn River and Llyn Brenig reservoir are only two of a very beautiful and fruitful many. You can even fish down at our very own 150m stretch of the river at any time (because fish don’t wait for anybody), and we have fishing permits for an extended stretch of the Dee available to use during your stay, so there really is no shortage of watery nooks for you to enjoy.

To enhance your fishing experience, there are local guides available to arrange your perfect trip, tailoring the day to suit your needs. LLyn Guides will track weather conditions, scout out ideal spots of lake and sort out the essential local permits for you, so that you don’t have to. They will even accompany you on your trip if requested. And being situated in Bala, only a fifteen minute drive from us here at Rivercatcher, then there is no better place to stay and prepare whilst the perfect fishing outing is crafted for you by experienced, passionate fishermen. Whether you want to utilise their invaluable knowledge about the local wildlife and surrounding areas, or simply catch some fish and make some friends, then look no further. Staying at Rivercatcher places you at the very heart of all these angling endeavours.

What a Catch!


Fishing in North Wales

In fact, two of our young guests staying at the Cilan Farmhouse – Dan 13 and Nial 14 – had a wonderful days fishing on our small stretch of river. On the same day in October, Dan landed a 12lb salmon and a 9lb pike with Nial as his gillie. Both fish were caught on spinners method, and we have no doubt that these skilled fishermen could repeat that success, time and time again, visit after visit. And with a multitude of other methods to lure in those fish, why not show off your jigging skills or enhance your trotlining and join them up there, at the top of Rivercatcher’s River Catches leaderboard and leave us after your time here, feeling as delighted as Dan and Nial.

Relaxing Here at Rivercatcher


And speaking of an accompanying fishing friend (gillie!) why not stay at our Ghillie’s Cottage? It’s in the name! Just imagine it: four nights away, enjoying the incredible views of the river, reminding you of why you love to fish in the first place.. Sleeping two, it’s the perfect retreat for you and your fellow angling amigo, or simply extra-bed space (in our award winning Burgess Bed) to spread out and snooze after a long day of fishing. And let’s not forget the private hot-tub, shared games room and the wood burning stoves – with logs provided! Meaning you can ditch the travel logs you always keep by your front door in case of emergencies, leaving you with ample room in the boot of your car for your fishing gear.

Need more space to accommodate for a whole group? Then a three night break staying at our Flyfisher’s Cottage is exactly what you’re after. It is the ideal opportunity for you and five other fishing fanatics to exercise your salmon knowledge, with this riverside cottage providing the perfect view of the salmon pool. This luxurious, three-bedroom space is perfect for you to get back to nature with your friends or family or just a large hover of trout. Or you could avoid nature completely, and transform your outdoor fishing expedition to an indoor Netflix marathon, utilising the free Netflix service and grand, soft bathrobes available at your leisure. We highly recommend you do both.

Or perhaps you’re a lone fisher, content with your bubble-blowing buddies. If that’s the case, then the Cwtch Log Cabin is ready, arms wide, waiting for a cwtch (pronounced kutch and Welsh for cuddle. Yes, this is our Cuddle Cabin. How inviting is that?) Perfect for a week long retreat, making use of all the features available; the rustic style kitchen, the cosy fireplace and the mountainous views, before ending the day by soaking your well worked hands in the private hot tub, a relaxing reward to celebrate your triumphs. And if you want more animal acquaintances by your side then don’t worry! This dog friendly cabin is the ideal spot for you and man’s best friend.

The Ultimate Angling Affair


Sound good so far? Good! Great! If you love fishing along delightful rivers (and even if you don’t, you soon will), are partial to comfortable cottages that feel like home, and have a soft spot for the scenic, sweeping beauty of North Wales, then take advantage of our mid-week prices, because this is exactly what you’re looking for. After a tranquil and leisurely stay here, you’ll leave us with empty tubs of bait but a heart full of memories to cherish for a lifetime, no doubt intent on returning again.

Because this is a truly one of kind place for a perfect angling adventure. Mountains, rivers and crisp white bed linen – what more could you possibly need?

Sample Prices 2020:

  • 2 guests – Ghillies Cottage – 4 nights – Monday to Friday – mid September – £677.25. OR £710.00 including 2 fishing permits for extended 15 mile stretch of the River Dee.
  • 6 guests – Flyfisher’s Cottage – 3 nights – Tuesday to Friday – beginning of October – £1203.73.
  • 1 guest – Cwtch Log Cabin – 7 nights – Monday to Monday – mid October – £802.

Attractive prices to pay for such attractive places to stay – if we do say so ourselves. And with the grayling and wild salmon season falling within the months of July to October, it’s the perfect time for a perfect trip!

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There is also first class Reservoir fishing at Llyn Brenig which has 920 acres.

Llyn Brenig Reservoir

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